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Free Quote Requests

One of our Windsor Auto Transport Brokers will be in contact with you shortly with an accurate quote for your transportation request.

We are open 7 days per week, and quote requests received in business hours will normally be delivered within one hour, usually much sooner.

Our standard business hours are 9.00am to 6.00pm.

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Why you should use a Windsor Transport Broker ?

As a Broker, our team of dedicated professionals will receive bids on your transport listing and will get the most competative price for you.

If you contact a carrier directly, you would pay substanitally more to transport your vehicle.

How much can I save using Windsor as a broker?

Usually we are able to save customers between $200 to $300 on open transport, and upto $600 on enclosed transport.

Car Shipping with Windsor Auto Transport

Whether you're moving across country or you just bought a car and you need it delivered, WIndsor Auto Transport makes it easy for you to find safe and reliable car transport options.

We will help explain how we ship a car, help you get the best rates from safe and highly rated car transporters and give you some additional pointers in the process to ensure a smooth and stress free transaction.

The Windsor marketplace makes it easy for us to find you the best auto transport companies to fit your needs and your budget.

We Create a shipment listing with your needs, the make and model of your car, and we include as much relevant details as possible.

When we have finished your listing, transporters who specialize in shipping vehicles will submit quotes for us to review as they compete for your business.

This ensures you get the best car shipping rates possible with our lead negotiation team advocating on your behalf.

Shipping Your Vehicle

Once the carrier has agreed to ship your vehicle at the price we have negotiated on your behalf we will ask you for more specific information about your transportation so that it can be delivered within the agreed timeframe.

We only use approved carriers who have an excellent rating and have met our addititonal regulatory requirements.

Who needs to transport vehicles?

Auto transport companies specialize in shipping vehicles quickly and safely across the United States and elsewhere.
Anyone who needs a safe, reliable and affordable method of transporting their automobile can benefit from a car transport company.This can include individuals who are moving, military personnel, private corporations, moving and relocation companies, as well as numerous car dealerships nationwide.

Planning ahead and scheduling in advance – To ensure delivery in your desired time frame, schedule the shipping as far in advance as possible.
Cleaning out the car – You vehicle needs to be free of any personal items during transport. Transport trucks must meet strict weight requirements and insurance will not cover personal items in the vehicle. Failure to remove all your belongings could result in an extra charge or cause a delay in the transport of your vehicle or both.
Inspecting your vehicle and making a checklist – An important step in the automobile transportation process is to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle and present it to the auto transit company for acknowledgment before they take possession of the vehicle.

Ensuring low fuel and removing antennae – Make sure that you have no more than a quarter tank of gas in your vehicle for the transport.More fuel than this can provide an unnecessary safety hazard. Remove any loose parts from the vehicle such as bed liners that are not bolted down, so that they do not get blown off during transport. Any non-retractable antennas must also be removed so that they do not get damaged while in transport.

Delivering the vehicle or having it picked up – The door-to-door delivery which allows for your vehicle to be picked up from its current location and delivered directly to the location of your choosing. If you live in an area that is not safely accessible to our transport trucks, you may be required to meet the transport driver at a nearby location that can accommodate the truck. You can drop off or pick-up your vehicle at a terminal in most major U.S cities. This is a great option for anyone looking for immediate delivery of their vehicle. You’ll save around $50 off the standard car shipping price when you drop it off or pick it up yourself. This request must be prearranged when placing your order. Either yourself or another designated party must be present upon pick-up of your vehicle. A contract is known as the “bill of loading” will need to be signed by you once the vehicle has been loaded for shipment.

Securing the vehicle – Your vehicle is carefully loaded and secured on the transport truck for transport across the country.
Transporting the vehicle – To any of the 50 states or internationally as well! The Department of Transportation limits drivers to 500 miles a day for important safety reasons.
Picking up the vehicle or letting it be delivered – You can pick up your vehicle from a transport station or have it delivered right to your home, usually for an additional fee. Rural areas can sometimes present hazardous road conditions for the large transport trucks, which are typically 80 ft. long, weigh 80,000 lbs. and are built low to the ground. This can limit their ability to maneuver in tight places.Transport trucks must also avoid any roads that might have overhanging trees because the tree branches could damage the vehicles being transported. For the safety of your vehicle, the truck driver may choose a parking lot or interstate turnout that is as close as possible to the vehicle’s destination. This allows the driver to safely load or unload your vehicle. We leave this decision up to the discretion of our drivers since the driver is responsible for both the safety of the transport truck and the transported vehicles.Occasionally the delivery process can be held up for various reasons – The Department of Transportation regulates drivers and limits them to a total of 500 miles in a day, which has the potential to affect delivery time. Uncontrollable factors such as mechanical breakdowns, bad weather conditions, and unexpected traffic scenarios can also cause a delay. Planning in advance is the best way to ensure prompt delivery of your vehicle.

Determining the Price of Car Hauling Rates
There are many different variables that factor into a car transport rate. Before we get into pricing to ship your car across the country, it is crucial to look at these factors. It is important to know how a customized quote is developed to fit your unique needs.
Here are the components that affect car transport rates:
Size and type of the vehicle. The size of your car is going to play a considerable part into how much it will cost to ship it. The pricing to ship a Toyota Prius will differ in comparison to a GMC Yukon. This is because larger vehicles take up much more space on an auto transport carrier. In addition, larger cars weigh more than smaller cars. Vehicles that fall under this category include full-size SUVs, Trucks, and Vans.
Distance. Obviously, a major factor in the transport of your car will be how far the driver must take it. The longer the distance between the pickup location and the drop-off destination, the more mileage on the transport truck. Not only do longer distances mean more resources (i.e. gas), but it also means more time that the truck driver must spend hauling your vehicle to its destination. 
Proximity to main route. One important point to consider is “how far off the beaten path” the driver must go. In other words, pickup and drop-off locations directly off the main highways are easily accessible to drivers. Is the location in an urban or rural setting? The driver can typically maneuver the truck more easily in the city, as the countryside tends to be the home to more narrow back streets. What about mountainous settings? If the vehicle needs to be picked up or dropped off at the peak of a mountain, these conditions could be factored into the price. Mountain roads are steep and narrow. Transport trucks move slowly up inclines, and you would want the driver to take extra precautions when navigating these roads.  
Delivery method. There are two main transport services that you can choose from, which are open auto transport or enclosed auto transport. Although open auto transport is the most popular form of vehicle transport, it depends upon personal preference, along with vehicle type, on which delivery method you choose. In open auto transport, the car will be shipped in an open-air carrier along with up to eight other vehicles. This is the cheaper option in comparison to enclosed auto transport. In enclosed auto transport, the car will be shipped in a confined trailer, protecting the vehicle from dirt, dust, grime, and elements of the road. This option is popular with those who own classic cars or expensive luxury models.  Individuals also choose enclosed auto transport in the winter months to keep their car out of the harsh weather.
Condition of the vehicle. Is the vehicle operable? If not, more time and resources, such as manpower and equipment, are required to get the car on and off the transport carrier. The use of resources is an added expense. Operable vehicles can simply be driven onto the carrier. On the other hand, inoperable vehicles may require the assistance of heavy machinery, such as forklifts. This all depends on the state of the vehicle. Can you roll, brake, and steer the car? These are all crucial functions for loading purposes.  
Shipping options. There are several shipping options when it comes to transporting your car. Auto transport rates will vary depending on how soon you need your vehicle. National Dispatch offers three shipping options to meet everyone’s needs. Increasing in price, we offer economic, priority, and guaranteed shipping. Economic shipping is the cheapest of the three options. The car will be picked up within fourteen days, but delivery time will depend upon the route. In priority shipping, one to three days are allotted for pick-up of the vehicle and another one to six days for delivery. The guaranteed shipping option is for individuals who need their car as soon as possible. Therefore, with this option, you are given an exact pick-up date within a few days.
Time of year. The time of the year has an impact on vehicle shipping rates. Comparing the car industry to the hotel industry, pricing varies depending upon the season. Car transport prices may be higher in the summer months, because there is a higher demand for auto transport services. On the other hand, the winter months tend to be the slowest season. However, there are the challenges of the holiday seasons and bad winter weather during this part of the year. Learn more information about how the weather affects car shipping.
Economy. The condition of the economy slightly influences automobile shipping rates. The auto transport truck that is carrying your car to its destination requires gas. If gas and diesel prices were to skyrocket, this would have an impact on the price you pay to ship your car. If you were to drive the vehicle, yourself, you would be responsible for the fuel expenses. Instead, the auto transport company must pay for the cost of fuel. It is only fair.

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