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WINDSOR GROUP - We are fully licensed and bonded in every US State 
DOT License No: MC123086

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Windsor Auto Transport Brokers are here to make your auto transportation requirement needs as straight forward, stress free and cost effective as we possibly can.

We negotiate on your behalf to find you the most reasonably priced carrier to transport your vehicle in a safe and secure manner.

We only use the very highest rated transport carriers who must meet our extremely high standards and meet various additional compliance and legal requirements.

We do not take chances with carriers when transporting our clients vehicles.

Car Transport Pricing Explained

Many factors effect the lead pricing estimate when it comes to shipping a vehicle, here is just some of the possible issues which may effect pricing:

  1. A Rise in Gas Prices
  2. Enclosed v Open Car Shipping
  3. The Functioning of a car
  4. The Distance
  5. A Rise in Trucker Insurance
  6. DOT requirements
  7. Better DOT enforcment of the regulatory rules
  8. Seasons and Weather
  9. local factors

Before we provide you with a quote on you shipping your vehicle we also review similar previous shipments to give you the most recent estimate on the likely cost range based on recent activity.

Current Auto Transportation Market Conditions

Status:   Standard Pricing

Transport Carriers currently have normal Transportation pricing due to current fuel prices

You can view latest economic fuel data here

Status Message Key

Elevated Pricing
Standard Pricing
Below Average Pricing

Windsor Auto Transport LLC is fully licensed and bonded in the United States.

Why you should use a Windsor Transport Broker ?

As a Broker, our team of dedicated professionals will receive bids on your transport listing and will get the most competative price for you.

If you contact a carrier directly, you would pay substanitally more to transport your vehicle.

How much can I save using Windsor as a broker?

Usually we are able to save customers between $200 to $300 on open transport, and upto $600 on enclosed transport.

Car Shipping with Windsor Auto Transport

Whether you're moving across country or you just bought a car and you need it delivered, WIndsor Auto Transport makes it easy for you to find safe and reliable car transport options.

We will help explain how we ship a car, help you get the best rates from safe and highly rated car transporters and give you some additional pointers in the process to ensure a smooth and stress free transaction.

The Windsor marketplace makes it easy for us to find you the best auto transport companies to fit your needs and your budget.

We Create a shipment listing with your needs, the make and model of your car, and we include as much relevant details as possible.

When we have finished your listing, transporters who specialize in shipping vehicles will submit quotes for us to review as they compete for your business.

This ensures you get the best car shipping rates possible with our lead negotiation team advocating on your behalf.

Shipping Your Vehicle

Once the carrier has agreed to ship your vehicle at the price we have negotiated on your behalf we will ask you for more specific information about your transportation so that it can be delivered within the agreed timeframe.

We only use approved carriers who have an excellent rating and have met our addititonal regulatory requirements.

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